I remember the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers,¬† tourist were on a suicide mission, Over 30000 people died that day and people were all covered in dust and the world wasn’t the same, people all over tried to find a tv a fast as they can. The tourist also targeted the Pentagon and other places too, The tourist new the more feuil the plane had the more fire there would be. And everyone thought is was an the plane had engine problems when the first plane hit. But when the second plane hit they new it was on purpose. all planes had to be grounded .and people were horrified when the plane hit the buildings, the injured were taken to the hospital. Police, fire fighters, died saving lives , but what the tourist¬† didn’t know the passengers were ready to fight. The passengers saved thousands of lives that day… We lost some loved ones, but god took care of them that beautiful day.

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