Colonial Leader Cecil Calvert

  1. Who is Cecil Calvert?
  2. Cecil Calvert was the ninth proprietar governor of the colony of NewFoundland.
  3. He was first lord proprietary, Earl Palatine of Maryland.
  4. Calvert established and managed the province of Maryland.
  5. He also governor Maryland for forty- two years.
  6. Calvert died in England on November 30th at age 70.
  7. Calvert was buried at st.Giles- in- the -fields church, London, U.K.
  8. The governor of Maryland buried  him there in 1996.
  9. He was on August 8, 1605, in Kent .
  10. Calvert received a carter from King charles the first, for the colony of Maryland that is why he is a great colonial leader.

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